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Release of The Fire of the Magicians

For more than 70 years, a curious phenomenon is drawing the attention of some humans: the flying saucer or UFO. Nobody came up with a scientific proof related to UFOs, by the way, a proof of what ?

Science is built on a strict logical construction between theory and experiment. For fear of ridicule, scientists or engineers hardly ever embarked themselves on the analysis of the UFO phenomenon or the study of witness accounts.

For the first time, The Fire of the Magicians proposes a scientific proof of the reality of the UFO phenomenon.

Le Feu des Magiciens
The Fire of the Magicians by Jérôme Huck


As expected, many historical aspects of the phenomenon are explored such as :

All the genius of The Fire of the Magicians consists of turning a problem of belief into a highly scientific problem. The result of this tour de force is simply stunning...

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UFO hypotheses can be reduced to some classes. They are mainly based on belief or personal thoughts. By elimination, the extraterrestrial hypothesis mostly publicly prevailed in very few studies worthy of that name. More or less, they used a scientific methodology.

Aimé Michel, Pierre Guérin or even Jacques Vallée, as well as many other researchers, never reached a conclusion on the subject. For Michel Picard, a tireless seeker on the subject, the scientific proof of the UFO phenomenon involves a superhuman effort...a vast program! All the hypotheses must be reconsidered from scratch.

Lockheed SR-71
Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird with D-21 UAV Tagboard


The UFO is the perfect pretext to investigate outstanding aerospace achievements. Our limited capabilites are also clearly illustrated by the aeronautical greatest failures. Can secret projects, such as black programs, be the source of extraordinary craft? Nothing is less sure.

The high tech military devices highlight the associated question of the secret. The aerospace or military experts are stunned by the flying saucer performances. The UFO propulsion mode was raised very early. However, experts tend to forget past achievements such as the development of nuclear power for aerospace propulsion...

Black programs

Who does remember, for example, some US programs started during WWII and ended in 1970? In the early 70's, the nuclear reactor is able to power a rocket to put a man on Mars in the beginning of the 80's. Experts forget those facts. However, information on the suject are publicly available...

Other exotic advanced modes of propulsion, such as magnetohydrodynamics, are not forgotten. The analysis of numerous stunning aircraft, such as the Lockheed SR-71 or the North American Aviation XB-70A, is performed from both the historical and technical point of view. Recent greatest aeronautical failures, such as the Rockwell XFV-12 or the General Dynamics A-12 Avenger II are presented to the reader. The secretive story of soviet military aircraft imported in the USA completes the picture of secret programs.

Atalanta fugiens by Michel Maïer

Information, disinformation...

For the UFO phenomenon, disinformation is a key player rather a negligible one...though a huge amount of data is at disposal. Does intelligence/information have a role to play in the solution? In the age of globalization, formatting and standardization are more the rule rather than the exception. As in the famous TV serie, The Prisoner, inspired by Patrick McGoohan, we need information...

In this show, the first rover was a disk, with alternating black and white sectors. For practical reasons, the rover was changed for a weather balloon. Men in black are omnipresent in some episodes. Does the key of the UFO phenomenon hide in The Prisoner?

One old print, extract from Atalanta fugiens, a XVI century alchemical manual by Michel Maïer, depicts a surrealist scene also found in The Prisoner, episode 4, Liberty for all...


In our world of instantaneous actions, the integration of the time dimension is urgently needed. Solving the flying saucer enigma may need many scientific disciplines/skills. Forgetting history, history of the UFO phenomenon, history of sciences and techniques, history of aeronautics... would lead to total failure in our investigation.

For all the experts, the invention of the radar is associated with Sir Watt, in the late 30's or early 40's. In 1903-1905, in Germany, a radar was fully operational! Nothing is possible without an approach used in the intelligence world, like the one used by Jacques Bergier and Louis Pauwels, in their book, the famous Morning of the Magicians.

With hyperspecialization ruling scientific research, the solution of the UFO phenomenon is rather moving away... Before screaming Eurêka, the reader will notice, both the importance of the language and its limitations. How many scientists do read the publications of their colleagues in a foreign languages? One clue. A revolutionary analysis of the material samples from UFOs...

The Prisoner
Liberty for all-The Prisoner


Astronautics, history, science, information and the famous TV serie The Prisoner, the synopsis of our book is building-up. The investigation of all those domains will lead to a singular result : a scientific proof of the UFO phenomenon. Many surprises are lurking in the book...

The book presents a scientific proof of the UFO phenomenon, a brilliant demonstration. With its 656 pages, it is one of the few attempts, if not the only existing one, on the subject. This work is the result of more than 2 years of intensive writing and many more in reading. Some stealth aircraft, black programs, are illustrated in exclusivity, such as the Quiet Airplane.

With more than 70 figures/illustrations, a biography with more than 200 references, an index, all those details of the herculean work achieved. The author is a senior aerospace engineer(Sup Aero-Toulouse) and a scientist. This title of the book is a reference to the famous Morning of the Magicians by Bergier/Pauwels. Published in 2011, The Fire of the Magicians is a tribute to the genius of Jacques Bergier, as we are approaching the hundredth anniversary of his birth(1912).

Silent Night
Quiet Airplane kit-Fantastic Plastic

The Fire of the Magicians by France3 Lorraine- Frank Gaillet, 28 Septembre 2012.

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Le Feu des Magiciens
The Fire of the Magicians by Jérôme Huck